Tikiwiki template and theme system is very flexible, and having some comments about the beauty of "normal" wiki sites simplicity, thinked on how to make Tiki to look a bit like one of them.

Of course, there is the trivial approach of writing a mostly HTML page with the normal menu of a wiki and pointing the right URLs to the options, but wanted to do something more flexible.

My approach to the problem was the following:

  • One template modified: tiki-top_bar.tpl (attached to this page). It could be put in i.e. a templates/styles/wikitiki directory to make a wikitiki theme. It essentially shows on top the actual wiki page name (is oriented to wiki), the login/logout dialog, a search dialog and the db-based application menu. The idea was taken mostly from the damian theme.
  • The used style should be one friendly with horizontal menus, i.e. the damian or mose themes. I'm not good with css so picked existing ones. For a wikitiki theme, the .css and the directory in the styles dir should be copied to wikitiki.css and wikitiki to have
  • As the actual wiki page is showed on top, should be disabled in Admin/Wiki the Show page title option.
  • As the menu in horizontal state could take a lot of space, and anyway that is strongly based on Wiki, is good to not have a lot of features enabled.
  • And last, to finish the look, will be better to have disabled the left and rigth columns (or maybe just the left one) and probably the bottom bar too.

This should work in TikiWiki 1.8.3 and newer, with phplayers enabled. This will give an "enhanced" wiki system, with drop down menus, and all Tiki niceties (illustrations, granular permissions, plugins, modules to be embedded in individual pages, etc) but a similar look of traditional wikis.

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