This will be a page about Wikis. I suspect that I will attempt to add info about How to use a Wiki, background, links to other Wikis, reviews of Wiki software. I think that it would also be a good place to lead into QWAN and the Zen Tech — Tech Zen of Wiki. This area of the software world and the web is pretty interesting.

Php Wikis

Wikis come in all sorts of flavors shapes sizes and with loads of differend options. They are made for nearly every different operating system and web server that is on the market today. below is a small selection of wikis that are primarialy based on the PHP language most use ))MySql(( as a database.

Most of the info here was gathered and compiled from: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WikiEngines it is a much more complete list of Wiki Engines. Also, for wikis in other languages or with different charactristics visit the Wiki Engines page.

* AnotherPhpwiki
-- Aims toward ))KeheiWiki(( compatibility. GPL
* CoTeia
-- XML-based collaborative authoring tool with access control (optional), concurrency control ( ))WebDAV ), chat server, annotation server and site map. Runs onMySQL. Seems to be Swiki (SimpleWiki(( )
-- ))DocumentAuthoringTool(( ?, MySQL backend, versioning, access control
* PhikiWiki
-- Based on ))PikiPiki(( .
* PhpWiki
-- PHP-based Wiki, runs on DBM, mSQL, MySQL or Postgresql, GPL.
* PrintxOrg Wiki
-- A port of PhpWiki with many enhancments
* PWiki
-- features file attachments, and versioning. Runs off filesystem, no DB required. http://wiki.2gn.com/
* TikiWiki
-- Very complete and full featured wiki. This package is growing rapidly and there are new features being added nearly every day. This package is just getting better, easier to use and more stable each version. The project page is at http://tikiwiki.sourceforge.net/
* WakkaWiki
-- A small MySQL Wiki with quick easy installation, access control through per-page access control lists, full revision control and page comments.
* WikiPedia
-- ))MySql(( Open Source Encyclopedia. GPL
* WikiTypeFramework
-- ))MySql(( collaborative web development system.
* WikkiTikkiTavi
-- Uses ))MySql((
* sfWiki
-- Uses MySQL; designed for SourceForge sites.
* vikky
-- PostgreSQL. suports name space, login, CSV table, form, etc. http://vivi.dyndns.org/vikky2/vikky.phtml
* XiKi?
-- Has a plain text back end, and supports versioning, http://xiki.kxonline.net

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