WikiXML markup improvement

The current wiki markup language has a few problems:

  • you often cannot nest some layout features
  • the strange plugin System Syntax with the {} seems a bit odd, at least
  • the image syntax does not interpret the attribute "align" as HTML does, wrapping text around an image is really impossible if not using tables (which implies other layout appearence and problems)
  • you cannot use single quoted or double quoted strings in attributes

I would propose that in a future version of Tiki the markup system be switched to a XML system. There could be a conversion tool or the possibility to use both for a while.
With an XML parser you can use almost arbitrary quoted strings, you could inherit the most useful portion of XHTML etc.
Exporting and importing to other Wikisystems might also be useful, as wikistyle documentations should be downloadable for offline usage, or for PDAs.

I don't want to quickly and irreplacibly change the wiki behaviour at once, but I think wiki has yet to reach his climax in popularity, and currently there are relatively few Tikis out there, as opposed to phpBB and postnuke. There might be a point in the future where such a radical change to the better will be impossible.

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