The Map is not currently functioning. Please stand by.

How to participate

  • Access your User Preferences.
  • Find your location on the map.
  • Make sure to click (if you do a search, it shows the result of the search, but you still need to click).
  • Click "Save Changes".

You will not appear on the map yet, because we are dealing with indexing issues .

Ideal user story

  1. User registers at
  2. User adds his/her location to information.
  3. User sees other Tiki community members near him/her.
  4. User clicks on username and can see the user contributions.
  5. User can click to become a friend of this person.
  6. They get in touch to decide to organize a TikiFest .

This will help the emergence of the Tiki Local User Group. The same idea will apply to special interest groups (which is a subset of the community) like GLUG user map. We could also make maps per city / region, and list all users.

Currently testing

Many are not working because we have indexing issue with legacy data