CVS notes for Sirius

Branches and tags

When 1.9rc1 went out, I branched it using the following commands :

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export CVSROOT=":ext:$" cvs rtag REL-1-9-RC1 fulltiki cvs rtag ROOT-1-9 fulltiki cvs rtag -b -r ROOT-1-9 BRANCH-1-9 fulltiki cvs rtag -r ROOT-1-9 -F BRANCH-1-9-HEAD fulltiki cvs rtag -r ROOT-1-9 -F MERGE-BRANCH-1-9-to-HEAD fulltiki cvs rtag -r BRANCH-1-8 -F MERGE-BRANCH-1-8-to-1-9 fulltiki

Upgrade of a third party source to HEAD

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wget tar xzvf adodb423.tgz cd adodb export CVSROOT=":ext:$" cvs -q import -ko -m'upgrade to adodb 4.23' _adodb ADODB R-4-23 # conflicts ! cvs loglicense.txt | more # looking for previous import tag, in that case, R4_05 cd .. cvs -q co -jR4_05 -jR-4-23 _adodb cd _adodb grep '<<<<<<<' * # solve conflicts. in my case there was non actually the merge solved them all cvs -q ci -m'merged upgrade to adodb 4.23'

Merge upgraded third party source to branch 1.9

It's easier to merge changes than move a whole branch tag actually, and import is always in head, so.. well, cvs has flaws.

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cd tiki19/lib/adodb cvs -q up -dP -r BRANCH-1-9 cvs -q up -j HEAD grep -r '<<<<<<<' * # solve one conflict by editing file, search and remove the 7 brackets cvs -q ci -m'merged upgrade of adodb 4.23 into tiki 1.9'

Double-merge of changes from 1.8 up to head

For that operation a script is used since verion 1.7, doc/devtools/ here is its content in 1.9rc2

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cd tikimerge cvs -q up -dP -r BRANCH-1-8 cvs -q tag -r BRANCH-1-8 -F BRANCH-1-8-HEAD cvs -q up -dP -r BRANCH-1-9 cvs -q up -dkk -j MERGE-BRANCH-1-8-to-1-9 -j BRANCH-1-8-HEAD grep -r '<<<<<' * # resolve conflicts cvs ci -m'Instant-Auto-Merge from BRANCH-1-8 to BRANCH-1-9' cvs -q tag -r BRANCH-1-8-HEAD -F MERGE-BRANCH-1-8-to-1-9 cvs -q tag -r BRANCH-1-9 -F BRANCH-1-9-HEAD cvs -q up -AdP cvs -q up -dkk -j MERGE-BRANCH-1-9-to-HEAD -j BRANCH-1-9-HEAD grep -r '<<<<<' * # resolve conflicts cvs ci -m'Instant-Auto-Merge from BRANCH-1-9 to HEAD' cvs -q tag -r BRANCH-1-9-HEAD -F MERGE-BRANCH-1-9-to-HEAD cvs -q up -r BRANCH-1-8 -dP