With the new TikiBot feature (present in 1.8.3) called Irc Hook, I propose a connection between our IRC channel and wiki pages. This page will be a way to thread data especially noted on IRC.

If this becomes a real mess... well, let us see what happens.

The idea came from development of chumpbot, which is based on an original idea by Bijan Parsia, who wrote a bot in Squeak (Smalltalk) called DiaWebLogBot. Les Orchard modified chump to chompbot, which jcwinnie implemented on #tikiwiki as tchmp. UserPagemose then added the Irc Hook feature to TikiBot after seeing a similar approach used at http://udoo.org/mamading. And, the rest, as they say, is his story.

This page is a collection of rants and quotes from #tikiwiki on irc.freenode.net.

mose 2004/05/19 00:10 : <mose> and it's LGPL !
mose 2004/05/19 00:10 : <mose> it's a set of PHP classes that generates simple StarOffice/OpenOffice.org Writer documents.
mose 2004/05/19 00:09 : <mose> nice thing we need it : http://gayuba2.datsi.fi.upm.es/~jmsanchez/
ktest 2004/05/17 16:59 : Integration of Knowledge Management and e-Learning : http://www.i-know.at/kmel/
ktest 2004/05/17 16:57 : The 4th Int'l Knowledge Management Conf. has an e-learning track : http://www.i-know.tugraz.at/conference/i-know04/iknow04_home.htm
ktest 2004/05/15 14:45 : People switching from Movable Type are overlooking tiki. "Well, I?m just pissed off at the way they?ve handled this whole thing and I?m going to move my blogs to Wordpress/Drupal/Expression Engine/Blogger/Radio Userland/Live Journal/pMachine/Note Pad and FTP" : http://www.jayallen.org/comment_spam/2004/05/the_collective_deep_breath
ktest 2004/05/11 18:18 : I'm not a freak, I am differently brained : http://www.plastic.com/article.html;sid=04/05/10/01092060
mose 2004/05/08 17:37 : blank page syndrom is often due to memory limit in php.ini
ktest 2004/05/07 19:50 : Pan European Portal Conf — 18-20 Jul — Nottingham cf. Use of Portals in Higher Education : http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/pepc2004/
luciash 2004/05/06 14:05 : Soupy rocks ! ;)
mose 2004/05/06 14:03 : bloggin' on irc just rocks !
ktest 2004/05/05 22:48 : CADDIE.NET Portal Factory — We believe that a service oriented architecture leads to systems that are Customizable, Localizable, Extensible, Maintainable and Sustainable (CLEMS). Instead of all the data being stored in a central monolithic database, the data stores are distributed across the Web Services. This leads to simpler schema and a more modular architecture. : http://ken.mit.edu/DevShell/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabindex=7&tab
ktest 2004/05/05 16:46 : TikiFest is a variation of HackFest or CodeJam, see : http://jcwinnie.us/MT/archives/000118.html
mose 2004/05/05 16:28 : in tiki-eph.php and tiki-eph_admin.php files
ktest 2004/05/05 16:27 : $pdate = mktime(23, 59, 59, $_REQUEST'mon', $_REQUEST'day', $_REQUEST'year'); should be $pdate = mktime(0, 0, 0, $_REQUEST'mon', $_REQUEST'day', $_REQUEST'year');
ktest 2004/05/05 14:51 : working with knowledge is different than most other tasks and activities. There must be trust, a desire to learn, some reflection and critique. You cannot speed knowledge exchanges by adding more people or providing more resources (typical project management strategies). Knowledge work depends on different drivers - identity, learning and meaning. : http://denham.typepad.com/km/2004/05/measurements.html
ktest 2004/05/04 15:54 : XML in PHP5 — report from Int'l Conf : http://www.phpn.de/?RSS_ID_ITEM=2649&IDENT=
ktest 2004/05/03 23:52 : International PHP Conf began today : http://www.phpn.de/?RSS_ID_ITEM=2629&IDENT=
mose 2004/05/03 08:29 : I added BRANCH-1-8 tag to phplayers, smartirc and wollabot modules

mose 2004/05/03 08:25 : get all variables from smarty :
in a tpl

mose 2004/05/03 08:17 : greetings !