Currently in HEAD there is a very exciting plugin that allows teachers to create plugins from students' assignments. The work involved is relatively minor and will be described and discussed soon here. That said, the greatest obstacle to a quick implementation for Tiki as an eductional tool is the lack of a full import of the tracker fields. Currently, only the top most data of a tracker can be imported. The fields within the tracker need to be imported as well because that is where the magic is contained.

Please download and install HEAD. Take a look at the code mose has already begun working on and see if we can't get a full import/ export functionality for trackers... The implications for Tiki extend far beyond education environments. Tiki will be able to ship with templates ready to go to meet an organizations specific data base needs.

  • set the increment of the tracker order to a user determined variable

Most important!

  • allow import/ export of the entire tracker