Listing Tiki

Tiki comparisons – current and future

We welcome Tiki appearing in software listings and marketplaces, as an option to meet web platform requirements.

Tiki's range of features makes comparisons difficult

Web software, like other products, etc. needs to be categorized in order to be compared with alternatives. Tiki's combination of features means it is put in categories that recognize some features but may not consider others. This makes comparisons with alternatives incomplete as, for example, a strong defining feature like Tiki's Trackers isn't given due consideration. The software categories that Tiki is normally compared in are "wiki" and "CMS".

More specific one-on-one comparisons can be found at Tiki vs.

More comparisons welcome

We encourage publishers of software information to list and compare Tiki to alternatives, to help users find the best solution for their needs. Please contact us if you have any questions about Tiki.