This is a project of the Consulting Ecosystem Team

There are many Tiki experts out there that would love nothing more than to be able to quit their job (or at least become part time) and spend more time on Tiki. However, the bills must be paid!

On the other hand, there are many people out there that would be quite happy to hire Tiki experts if the availability and value was right. They just prefer to pay and to have someone else take care of it or teach them.

But how can people from these two groups connect?


This is a project to have a marketplace of live support for Tiki services via the real time communication tools in WikiSuite.


Service providers will offer various support services, typically training & configuration help but it could be any Tiki-related service.

A central site would serve as a hub to

  • offer & find help
  • host the support activity and the transactions (via Credits).
    • Using Ethereum Smart Contracts would be cool!
  • We have some cool Phone numbers for this


A reasonable fee will be kept for all transactions going through the system.

Dogfood & P2P

All code is planned to be open source within WikiSuite (Mainly Tiki and Openfire). Thus, the idea is that anyone could re-use this platform to offer something similar. Ex.: you want to have a marketplace of services for general computer support.

Tiki Association

The Tiki Association will not be in the business of offering services. The system is only there to help match people up.


  • ASAP, but not set date


  • Marc Laporte
  • Asa
  • You?

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