Most multilingual cms developpers think have a Parallel multilingual website in mind.

But there are many organizations who, either have to deal with different subjects in different locations, or do not have enough translators available, or both.

There should be a way to allow organizations to develop different sites in their linguistic category, because they face different local circumstances.

Example: Luxemburg is much smaller than China, hence the life of the athletics federation of Luxemburg cannot be copied exactly on that of China.

In such a system, linguistic connection would occurr when a Chinese writer clicks on a "propose translation" button, because he thinks that what he has written is relevant to athletics worldwide. For instance, he has written a list of available hotels for the next world championship in Beijing.

That kind of site would be midway from a Parallel multilingual website and a Translations depository website. There could be a way to send translation units and not only pages for translation.