PO tools use the Translate toolkit to do the complicated work and are written in Python.

Moreover, the Translate project has produced Pootle — a web interface that allows anyone from the net to translate PO files. No need any more to be initiated in the black magic of PO file manipulation.

The utilities should make it easier to pick up on a stale Tikiwiki translation.



  • python tiki2po.py infile.php outfile.po # produces a PO from TikiWiki's language file
  • python po2tiki.py infile.po outfile.php # produces a TikiWiki's language file from PO

Additional docs available on the Translate Toolkit tiki2po page


  • By installing the Translate Toolkit you'll get this script automatically, however, the souce is available from SVN should you want it separately: tiki2po and po2tiki.




filmil originally wrote a script in 2005 which clouserw rewrote to work with the Toolkit in 2008.