This is the responsibility of the Partnership Team


Goal: Develop a Tiki Partnership program that will:

  1. Encourage community involvement
  2. Promote the Tiki brand
  3. Incorporate with Community Building Team, Communications Team and Consulting Ecosystem Team.


  1. Process to become a partner (but should be easy, as to encourage partnerships)
  2. Partner-specific logos and wording, as well as approved usages
  3. Promote Tiki partnerships

Tiki Partners

Development Partner

A code contributor to Tiki.

Anyone who has committed a contribution to SVN is a Development Partner. They can use the Tiki logo and the phrase: "A Tiki Development Partner" on their website and marketing literature.

For example, I (ricks99) have contributed code to SVN. Therefore, I can use the phrase "Rick Sapir is a Tiki Development Partner."

If an individual contributor also represents a commercial company, for example, Nelson Ko/Citadel Rock, they too can use the phrase. For example, "Citadel rock is a Tiki Development Partner."

Since anyone who asks can become a code contributor, there is no change to the existing process.

Being identified as a Development Partner is in no way an endorsement by the Tiki Association.

Community Partner

A person or company that has promoted or otherwise contributed to Tiki and the community, or instances in which Tiki has cross-contributed to an event or product.

This could include:

  • Contributors to the doc site
    For example, I (ricks99) have written and edited pages on the doc site. Therefore, I can use the phrase "Rick Sapir is a Tiki Community Partner."
  • Hosting a TikiFest
    For example, CGCOM has hosted a TikiFest. Therefore, they can use the phase "CGCOM is a Tiki Community Partner."
  • Providing Tiki visibility at events
    For example, Tiki being listed as "Community Partner" featured at The Make Web Not War event. Or an individual giving a Tiki-related talk or presentation at an event.
  • Integration partnerships with other Open Source communities.
    For example, the work with BBB for Tiki 5, Tiki is a Community Partner of BBB.
  • Other 3rd party NFP (not-for-profit) sites that promote Tiki.
    For example, Tiki for Smarties is a Community Partner.
  • A person or entity who makes a financial contribution/donation to the Tiki Software Community Association
    Does the Association have a bank account yet? Is there a mechanism in place to make donations and financial contributions?
  • Any tw.o registered user with a score of XXXX or higher
    Maybe this could be a way to promote community involvement?

Being identified as a Community Partner is in no way an endorsement by the Tiki Association.

Official Partner

Alternative proposed names:

  • Commercial Ecosystem Partner
  • Tiki Association Partner
  • Tiki Commercial Partner
  • Tiki Professional Partner
  • yours??

A person or company that financially profits from supporting or promoting Tiki.

Of course, many Commercial Partners are probably also Community and Development Partners, too. These are the companies and individuals who will represent Tiki to their customers (and the world!).

I think that being identified as an "Official Partner" carries a lot of "weight" and is a de-facto endorsement by the Association. As a result, the process to become an "Official Partner" should be more formalized. Some ideas:

  • Official partners must pledge to contribute custom coding back to the community
  • Contribute ### hours of coding, testing, packaging, etc. to the Tiki project per year
  • Attend ### events (either a TikiFest or other industry conference) and present/promote Tiki in some manner.
  • more/others?

This "Official Partnership" could be renewed on a yearly basis.