Wiki Plugin MOV


This plugin plays a quicktime movie in a wiki page (.mpg as well)


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MOV Displays a Quicktime Movie on the wiki page:

controller=>true|false,autoplay=>true|false,loop=>false|true)}URL to Movie{MOV}

with and height optional (default 320 x 240)
controller optional (default true) 16 pix are added to height to show up the contoller
autoplay optional (default true)
loop optional (default false)

alternative you could write

{MOV(movie=>URL to Movie, width=>xx,height=>xx,



You can link .mov .mpg file in file galleries as a plugin in wiki page by using the files' id in file galleries.

First you have to edit the wikiplugin_mov.php

Add "tiki-download_file.php?fileId=" in this line in wikiplugin_mov.php

$asetup .= "<PARAM NAME=\"src\" VALUE=\"$movie\">";

change to

$asetup .= "<PARAM NAME=\"src\" VALUE=\"tiki-download_file.php?fileId=$movie\">";

After that you just need to enter fileid of the mov/mpg file instead of file url

{MOV(movie=>fileid, width=>xx,height=>xx,

  • Remember to change back the code if you want to link to file by using url or you can just create another new plugin.