General Description

Giving the registered user of a TW site the option of logging in and have the "homepage" open to their private wiki page, or any page they specify in user preferences. The option is available in user preferences now (1.74 and higher,) but when filled in, even after re-logging in, does not open up to the page entered.

Key Function and sub-features

By admin preference, the users home page field will be filled in with either:

  • BLANK, which would direct the user to the default home page, or article view whichever is established in admin preferences.
  • $USERNAME, the TW system variable for the users log-in name, which would take the user to "THEIR" wiki page by default.
  • USER DEFINED, which is where the user overrides the default entry (blank or $username) and sets where they want to go when they log in.

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Typical Uses

The typical use of this would be for TW sites where there are 100 or more registered users who use the TW installed site and the admin doesn't want the user to face a generalized wiki home page, or the userbase has requested that they start off on their own preferenced home page. In instances where there are more than 100 users, the $USERNAME option would greatly ease the admin's job of maintaining user account information for each new user to the site.

Case Studies


This is being reported as a bug and a feature request because the feature as shown on the user preference page does not work as expected.

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