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About Bugs

Bugs and Request For Enhancements (RFEs) are the two primary ways the Tikiwiki Development community gets new tasks. The public and team members are encourgaged to submit Bugs and RFEs as often as necessary, so that the team can build the best quality and most feature-rich product.

The Tikiwiki Development Team makes extensive use of SourceForge's "Tracker" system to maintain bugs and RFEs. Because we have a lot of activity, these trackers can quickly get very big, very quickly, and become a nightmare to manage. As such, we've imposed a bit of self-organization on the tracker entries, namely with Groups and Categories.

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Filling out a Proper Bug Report or New RFE

Please Remember: The more information you log on a Bug or Feature Request, the faster it will get attention and the quicker it will run through the development and release process!

Do see if your item has already been reported / requested, and add your comments onto that one.
Do set the proper Group and Category for your item.
Don't give something a Group or Category if you aren't sure - set them to "Unknown" instead.
Do log in to SourceForge before you add or update an item - so we know who you are and can contact you if needed.
Do give all information you can, what you were doing when it broke, screen shots, detailed information about your new feature idea.

Groups and Categories Explained

The Tikiwiki Team uses tracker Groups and Categories extensively to properly sort and query Bugs and RFEs. Having the proper groups and categories is critical to make sure your item is seen by the right person and gives it a better chance to be fixed or added. Don't worry - we constantly groom the trackers to make sure that entries have the proper values, so if you don't know, please set them to "Unknown".

Bugs: Groups

Bug Tracker groups are based on the version number where you found the bug. If you know the bug is present on several versions, always enter the latest stable version (or All versions, if it applies).

NoneBug isn't found in the Tiki distribution (for example a documentation bug)
All versionsBug is estimated to be present on all "recent" versions
BRANCH-1-8 (CVS)Bug was found in the latest version of CVS BRANCH-1-8
BRANCH-1-9 (CVS)Bug was found in the latest version of CVS BRANCH-1-9
HEAD (CVS)Bug was found in the latest version of CVS MAIN
UnknownExact version unknown
v1.5The latest version known to be affected is 1.5.0
v1.xThe latest version known to be affected is 1.x
v1.7RCThe latest version known to be affected is a release candidate of version 1.7
v1.xRCThe latest version known to be affected is a release candidate of version 1.x

Groups for Release Candidates

As we get ready to launch a new version, we go through a RC (Release Candidate) process. CVS will be branched, and a vX.XXRC1 will be created. Usually, this is followed by several more RC's, such as RC2 and RC3. Because we cannot delete groups in SourceForge trackers, we should not add a new version for each RC that comes out. Instead, we should create a new group for the first RC, and then keep upgrading the name until the version is released as "Final". Example:

v1.7RC1 -> v1.7RC2 -> v1.7

Bugs: Categories

Bug Tracker Categories represent the "type" of bug found, or how it manifests itself:

Database Error Something in the PHP error points to the database or other errors the user has diagnosed as being from the database layer
Documentation Bug found in the documentation, either the official Tiki docs or the web site
Feature Fully Broken Feature is "down" and nothing works
Feature Partially Broken Feature is working, but parts of it are not working or are inconsistent
Installation Something broke during installation, or other problems during set up.
PHP Error a "white screen" error that can't be attributed to the database
Performance Tiki or particular features are running sloooow
Retest Bug has been fixed at some point in the past, please retest the bug in the latest version to make sure all is well
Security Please report security bugs after reading TikiSecurity
Unknown When you don't know how to classify it, use this.
Visual / Interface Theme bugs, user experience bugs, etc.

Bugs: Subject Lines

Because we often need to be able to sort bugs by a third method, please start all bug subject lines off with the feature that was broken. For example:

"Wiki: Hot Links are messing with images".

This helps us be able to further sort and identify common issues, even though SourceForge's trackers only allow two sortable properties. If you are unsure how to preface your subject line, look at other bugs reported, or take your best guess at it.