Easter is coming next weekend

In Germany, families will go to church on Friday. On Sunday morning the kids will hunt for "Easter Eggs" and sweets in gardens, appartments and houses throughout the country. Color, material and type of decoration of the eggs differ from region to region.

What you're doing next Easter? Visiting the family? Coding? Just eating eggs? Tell us on Thursday 24 at 19:00 UTC

Did you know, in Germany the "Easter Eggs" are been brought to the houses in the very early morning by the "Easter Rabbit" - honestly. The rabbit might be a unique German quirk, but we love him anyway.

Volunteering Facilitator: Nelson


Thursday, March 24, 2016 at 19:00:00 UTC time (click for time zone in your city)


See Roundtable Meetings for a detailed description.




1st hour quick news

  • We have a fully documented Layout Templates page
    • What about improving our community sites with a layout which keeps the topbar visible at all times?
      • -1 :-(
  • Update on results of Tiki Consultants survey and initial creative brief developed by Synergiq branding team for Tiki (Nelson)

Second hour, longer topics

  • Tiki 15 with Zend2 seems to require PHP 5.5 even for the composer. Many shared hosting providers seem to provide not hgher than 5.4 in their shell (at least by default .. some offer to use specific php5.5 commands) How we could tackle this issue .. it seems to affect a growing number of users.
  • We could ask BBB if they would like to upgrade our BBB instance for the html5 one, in exchange for our constructive feedback.



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