The Problem
If you wan't to use an RSS Stream from your own htAccessed page, you cannot simply set the URL, because php simply opens the RSS Stream as your Browser does with this Website or any other HTML. So when php tries to open it, it fails, because their is no authentication.

The Solution
Simply enter your user / password into the URL. The Form for this is:


In Theory this should be enough, but on my own site I still faced probems.
(See next Title)

RDF Problems
It seems that the RDF's generated by Tiki are not Standard conform. Validator

FIXED UserPageohertel

After a close look into the output, I reallised that their was a little Warning Message in the RDF ! ( Generated by PHP ). This was the problem why nothing got displayed.
So after removing the causing Line from tiki-setup.php everything works fine with the above user:pass combination.

(Line 1418)
if($feature_obzip == 'y') {
// ob_start("ob_gzhandler");

You can also simply disable gzip commpressed pages, like described in Making a PHP summary from Tiki RSS

I hope you like this, let me know.

Maddi, 02. Sep, 2003
Bremen, Germany

peace ;)