We agreed on some stuff and ToDos:

  • people should test 14.0 beta
  • fix logo appearance for 14.x sites (luci)
  • lets aim to release Tiki 14 in two weeks
  • lets update themes.tiki.org first in one week to safely test the new look for tiki.org sites implementation (fivealive-lite + the hiding of top bars)
  • agreed on Tiki Roundtable Meeting name for the monthly meetings
  • make a wiki page to convene about the best times and days for monthly meeting (bsfez or Torsten)
  • jonny will upstream fix to allow Facebook registrations create corresponding user tracker items
  • luci will enable Facebook app and the FB registration/login using the Social networking feature to Dogfood
  • luci will create user profile page with Activity Stream of following friends activity to Dogfood the feature too
  • regarding the JS vs no-script functionality someone should set up a dev page on dev.tiki.org about it and people experienced should go to https://dev.tiki.org/No+Javascript and take a lead collecting info there about what should work with no JS and what is OK to keep for admins or JS dependent stuff

Jonny gave a screen-sharing workshop about Plugin list and custom_search. (it starts at 73min36s)
Sadly we did not have enough time for presentation by Steve so it was postponed to the next one.