• Both are in PHP


  • Tiki is wiki-centric, while SPIP is publishing-centric
  • Tiki has way more built-in features as it's the FLOSS Web Application with the most built-in features
  • In SPIP, code comments are preferred in French
    • "Given as the SPIP project is originally and most frequently deployed and developed by francophones, it is considered polite behaviour to comment your code in French. If you are uncomfortable with this, or if your French is not perfect, still please do try to make the effort. Others will be genuinely grateful and more than happy to correct any errors of grammar or meaning that might slip through. Of course, commenting in your own natural language is still better than no comments at all (where appropriate), so as a last resort, use the language you are most comfortable with, and don’t be offended if another developer augments or replaces your comments." Source:
      • In Tiki, while the community has a strong francophone contingent, the community activity, including code comments, are in English.

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