Come See the Fun!

Good Food, Coding, Coffee, Coding, Beer, Coding, and MORE!

The second UK TikiFest is planned for 18th to the 25th October 2004, in Cheshire (J18 of the M6) and everyone is invited!

Nearest main train station is Crewe, I can collect people from there biggrin

Telephone : 0870 9091923 option 4 for ))TikiFest(( !, or the mobile: 07818 436456
Freeworld: 72453 or IAXtel: 1700 168 0333
Email: via Tiki Messaging

The action plan so far:
  • Complete License issues in Tikiwiki source code
  • Mods Installer from mose
  • Benchmarks and some improvements from TikiForge project
  • Bug Killing Mini Fest in readyness for a RC4 on the 24th
  • Tracker lessons and fixes mose
  • Democracy systems building in Tiki
  • Play and Learn some VoIP
  • Fun and Games as usual biggrin

  • Unreal Server available also twisted
And some details:
  • I am Wireless enabled!
  • 1Mb ADSL to share
  • 4 spare PCs on offer for those laptop less (probably get more installed if needed)
  • VoIP server, with FWD and IAXtel accounts setup, access to a MeetMe/Conference room

And the overall action plan for the final weekend: TikiPlan19

To give us an idea of who is coming, please job down your name and the dates your planning to be here. We can comfortabley accomodate about 4-5 people for overnights. Any more and you'd have to play Musical Beds lol or camp outside mrgreen (6 birth frame tent on standby) lol

3 webcams in 3 different rooms will be actived! and archived into tiki galleries. No-one has to miss out on the action!

  • having a few problems with the webcams, might have to settle for some still shots sad

mon 18tue 19wed 20thu 21fri 22sat 23sun 24mon 25
damian I live here wink all week for me!
chris coppock, dropping in for an evening sometime in the week
garyalex, Should arrive Thursday late morning/early afternoon
olisb, possible
tom, maybe


damian :
mose :
chris coppock :
tom salfield:

Phylip cant make it from South Wales, as he's on holiday

Also see: TikiFest2009-London