TikiFest Montreal - August 16-17-18-19 2008.

A tradition in the TikiWiki community, a TikiFest is when there is a meeting between at least 2 TikiWiki contributors that don't usually meet. This is an opportunity for drinking adult beverages, getting laptops out and coding wildly in group sessions, discussing about wiki technology and culture, etc. depending on the mood and context. It is a great opportunity for Tiki users and Tiki power users to meet some of the developers and learn more stuff biggrin

If you don't know/use TikiWiki but are interested in Open Source sofwtare, Content Management Systems, Wikis, Open data, Open knowledge and all things similar, please do join us! There is always space for some extra people! If you need a laptop, please indicate it on the the wiki page so someone will bring a spare.


Some people prefer weekdays, some week-ends. So we'll have both :-) We don't expect most people to come 4 days though. If you can only come a short time, come Monday afternoon / evening for the party.

Saturday 16th 10h -> 18h
Sunday 17th 10h -> 18h
Monday 18th 9h -> 19h
Monday 18th 19h -> late "open house" style party
Tuesday 19th 9h -> 17h




TikiWiki is amazing in terms of features, power etc. but what about UI? While it has improved in version 2.0, it's still weaker than other aspects. So we are holding a 4-day TikiFest with focus on UI to provide results and a roadmap about where we want to go with version 3.0

End user UI

Please see: editUIrevamp

Administrator UI

Please see: adminUIrevamp


Alain & Marta (and who else?) will be focusing on the UI for the Cross Lingual Wiki Engine

Here's a page documenting what might be done in that vein:
CLWE work at TikiFest Montreal Aug 2008


Confirmed presences

  • Marc Laporte (Montreal) 16-17-18-19
  • Mike (Toronto) arriving late Sunday 17th, leaving early am 20th.
  • Patrick Allard (Montreal) 18-19
  • Alain Désilets (Ottawa) — August 19.
  • Marta (Ottawa) — August 19.
  • Christine (Montreal) - 16-17
  • Yan Levasseur. (Montreal) — 18-19
  • Nelson Ko (Ottawa) arriving 18 morning, leaving 19 evening
  • Rob (Ottawa) arriving 18 morning, leaving 19 evening
  • Pascal (Ottawa) arriving 18 morning, leaving 19 evening
  • Sid (Ottawa) arriving 18 morning, leaving 19 evening
  • Louis-Philippe (Montreal) 16-17-18-19
  • Hugo Laporte (Montreal) 18-19
  • Sébastien Lord-Jetté (Montréal) 19th
  • André Proulx (Montréal) 19th
  • Sylvain Racine (Granby) 16-17
  • Regis Barondeau (Montreal) - 17


  • Seb Paquet (Montreal)
  • Louis-Martin (Montreal)
  • Caroline (translator) (Montreal)
  • Benoit Meunier (Montreal)
  • Philippe Marcoux
  • you? (This is an open meeting come as you are!)

Absent but interested

  • dthacker (all) no vacation at new position yet. Will do my best to follow from afar.
  • Cyrille & Patrick of SynAIRgis
  • Rick