TikiFest Karlsuhe 2011

 please mind

The event will happen some day but the date needs to be determined.
Due to Angelas cancer and the related treatments we had to postpone.

Might be best end of the year or so, cause now are Strasbourg, Berlin and perhabs Munich coming.

If interested in a TikiFest in Karlsruhe in autumn or winter, please write an IM to Torsten and/or have a look at the page of the german language user group detug and/or mention it in the IRC.


A tradition in the Tiki community, a TikiFest is a meeting between Tiki community members (that usually only meet online). This is an opportunity to socialize, code and discuss about wiki technology and culture, etc.


It should be at a weekend between end of March and somewhen in April
please see above


As long as it would be around ten to twelve people, it would be in Torsten and Angelas house near Karlsruhe.
There would be enough place for accommodation in the guest appartement, working space in the groundfloor office and place to socialize in a huge livingroom and a big enough kitchen.
If we are lucky with the weather we would have a garden for barbecue.

A Tram to Karlsruhe City pass the village every couple of minutes.

In case of a bigger event maybe another location must be found and some people stay in the house, some in a hostel or something alike.


See above: kind of a Tikihouse (staying and working at the same place) for up to 12 people (plus T&A) - or else we´d have to organize s.th..



Namehome cityArrival DateDepartureNote
Torsten Fabricius Karlsruhe 1stlast


Namehome cityArrival DateDepartureNote

Suggested topics

German Language User Group ))"GLUG"((

Contact between French/Belgium/Swiss/German/Austrian/... people around the area

  • getting known each other
  • driving to events together
  • shared used hardware ))TikiFests((, for ex. for online audio and video conferences

Translation & Documentation

Merchandizing approaches

What else?