TikiHouse - TikiFest Montreal - Nov 12th to Nov 16th, 2008

What's it all about
TikiHouse will be for those that are out of town and need a place to stay. We can also use the place to hang out after working hours when CGCom offices close.

7220 Fabre, Montreal, Quebec

Directions to get to CGCom Offices
Driving Directions

Subway / Walking Directions

What's in the house
The house is actually an apartment, it has a fridge & stove and a couch. I (a.k.a Pascal) will also get cookware to allow us to make food if ever you don't always feel like eating out.

What's not in the house
Whoever will be sleeping over at the house is responsible for whatever sleeping gear they need to be comfortable.

  • Mattress
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillows

I know these things are not convenient to bring on a plane when you are traveling half way across the world. Therefore I hope everyone that is in Montreal or Driving from Ottawa or Toronto can bring some gear for all to share.

What we don't know yet
Do we have an Internet connexion? If not, I can bring some WiMax.

Sorry we don't have internet, I can bring a router etc... but your WiMax would be extremely appreciated.

Sleeping Gear (please add what you can bring)

  • Two Mattresses
  • Two Sleeping Bags

If you need a spot at the TikiHouse please contact myself (Pascal) or Marc. I prefer giving people e-mail or phone confirmation that they have a spot versus everyone editing the Wiki.

Check in Time
I am getting the keys on Wedneday 4pm. If you arrive anytime after 6pm myself and the rest of the Citadel Rock team will be there.

You can reach me by e-mail or phone at anytime
pascalATcitadelrockDOTcom or by phone (613) 266-0517

There is room for somewhere around 9 - 10 people.

  • Pascal St-Jean
  • Rob Ferguson
  • Sid Saran
  • Aurelien Leftick
  • Sylvie
  • Gary
  • Pascal Kustner (pkdille)
  • Jean-Marc
  • Michael Pilling
  • (Free)