That module was really fast to write. It reads an indicated number of lines from the end of an indicated file. That file has to be readable py apache user obviously. It uses the file() php function, and no exec().

It's a module with parameters, they are indicated like for plugins, with a line of key=>value separated by commas (and alternatively by carriage return, very useful for display sake).

I used that module to display the tail -f of the logfile of my user on irc on TikiWikiDev (actually I use bitchx with log function in a screen on my remote server). So the only filter avalaible for now is an irc parser (filter=>irc) and an apache errors parser (filter=>apache_errorlog).

How to use it with the Module-Plugin

Using the module in a Wiki-page
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MODULE( module=>tail, align=>right, filter=>irc, file=>tails/tikiwiki.irc, title=> #tikiwiki, max=>12 )} {MODULE}

(note : it's okay to split module or plugin arguments on multiple lines)