Personal Motto

Learn the things that bring joy. Work at the things that bring endurance.


Texas "life-time" Science Composite, Texas "life-time" Social Studies Composite and Network Auditor Certificates.

Teaching Philosophy

Learning is unavoidable. It is part of the human condition. "You are what you eat" is more true of what is consumed mentally than physically. Since one can not stop learning, the goal becomes one of direction. For over 55 years, I have found the platform called earth to be quite suitable for the presentation and acquisition of information. But since we live in the system we study, we never achieve either full objectivity or a full view from a height. This assures every generation a significant amount of "new" information to absorb and an ever increasing volume of "old" information to master. Choose what you would learn but choose wisely.

Summary of Qualifications

January, 1949 - present; Carbon Based Life Form, fully formed from recyclable materials.

September, 1949 - present; Oxygen Breathing/Significant Lateral Symmetry. Self sustaining respiratory system designed to support speech and other activities necessary to relate to significant segments of earth-bound organisms.

1950 - present; Bipedal - allowing for the smooth and natural interaction into/with existing human structures and equipment. Also possess many of the human characteristics supported by this common form of locomotion.

1978 - 1981; Instructor - Sharpstown Jr. High (Houston I.S.D., Texas)
Taught Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, and Texas History.

1981 - present; Exploring numerous careers and visiting some of the more technologicly advanced local cultures.

September, 2000 - present; Technical Co-ordinator, White Oak Independent School District. Presently working with two co-workers caring for 7 servers in an enterprise environment with connectivity to over 500 workstations.


1975 Northeast Louisiana State University - Master in Guidance and Counseling.

1973 Louisiana State University - Bachelor of Science in General Studies.