A crash test dummy from the Steem arrived on Tiki.ork.

Oh pardon, excuse me, I'm not going to disturb a honourable community. It was just a joke and I know, it is the Tiki.org.
To catch a smell from the pond, fill into the field of my Javascript-Doodle "afrog" and say Hello! its my Steem-avatar, my header-pic, my About. You've catched some data from the blockchain Steem. Put in ²ned², and you look to the founder of the bockchain of the 16 thousand witnesses. 16000 witness servers are running one of the biggest blockchains, exciting on this planet. Fill in "steemwiki" and you get data of the Steem-Blog of your new project. The blockchain-channel of SteemWiki.

Javascript Doodle - A blockchain says Hello!

(You find the JS-Doodle running on Steemwiki.org)

{HTML(align="left" float="right")}
<noscript>Die Anwendung baut auf Javascript auf. Ermöglichen Sie Ihrem Browser JavaScript auszuführen (Settíngs), sonst startet die Anwendung nicht.</noscript>
<span id="container" name="container" class="rounded">
  <table class="border border-primary" style="margin: 5px;height:280px;width:100%;">
        <p style="margin:10px 10px 10px 0px;"> </p>
        <img style="float:left;height:270px;width:auto;margin:0px 15px 15px 0px;" name="avat" id="avat" src="https://steemwiki.org/show_image.php?id=39"><input style="display:inline;" class="form-control" type="text" v-model.lazy="user" placeholder="Steem–Namen ohne @ eingeben" /><br /><br />
<span id="helper" name="helper" style="display:inline;">Name zB. ned, steemwiki oder afrog!</span><br /><br />
<span id="anzeig" name="anzeig" style="display:inline;"></span>
        <div class="btn-group" role="group" aria-label="Basic example">
        <button id="stedit" name="stedit" type="button" class="btn btn-success rounded disabled">Editor</button>
        <button id="gostworld" name="gostworld"type="button" class="btn btn-success rounded">Steemworld</button>
        <button id="stblog" name="stblog" type="button" class="btn btn-success rounded">Steemit</button>
        <button id="boers" name="boers" type="button" class="btn btn-danger rounded disabled">Börse</button>
        <button id="notiz" name="notiz" type="button" class="btn btn-success rounded disabled">Notizen</button>
        <button id="deutsch" name="deutsch" type="button" class="btn btn-success rounded disabled">deutsch</button>
        <button id="tricky" name="tricky" type="button" class="btn btn-warning rounded disabled">Tricky</button>
  <br />
  <span id="about" name="about"></span><br />
  <span id="tablett" name="tablett" style="max-width:600px;height:auto;"><img style="float:left;margin:0px 15px 15px 10px;" name="covimg" id="covimg" src=""></span><br /><br />
<script src="https://cdn.steemjs.com/lib/latest/steem.min.js"></script>
<script src="https://unpkg.com/vue"></script>
  let vm = new Vue({
    el: '#container',
    data: {
      user: '',
      userData: {
      profile_image: "",
      about: "",
      level: 0,
      xp: 0,
      power: 0
    watch: {
      user: function (u) {
  function calcLevel(v) {
    return Math.floor(calcReputation(v))
  function calcXP(v) {
    let r = calcReputation(v);
    return 100 * (r - Math.floor(r))
  function log10(str) {
    let $str = str.toString()
    const leadingDigits = parseInt($str.substring(0, 4))
    const log = Math.log(leadingDigits) / Math.log(10)
    const n = $str.length - 1
    return n + (log - parseInt(log))
  function calcReputation(value) {
    if (value == null || value == 0) return 0;
    let neg = value < 0
    let reputation_level = log10(value) - 9;
    if (reputation_level < 0) reputation_level = 0;
    if (neg) reputation_level *= -1;
    return reputation_level * 9 + 25;
  function setDefaultUserProfilePic() {
  document.getElementById("avat").src = "https://steemwiki.org/show_image.php?id=39"
  function refreshAccountData(accountName) {
    return steem.api.getAccountsAsync([accountName])
    .then (function (result) {
      try {
      let profile = JSON.parse(result[0].json_metadata).profile;
      let thema = JSON.parse(result[0].json_metadata).profile.about;
      document.getElementById("about").innerHTML = ("<strong>"+accountName+"</strong>"+" schreibt über: "+thema);
      if (profile.profile_image != null) {
        document.getElementById("avat").src = (profile.profile_image);
        document.getElementById("covimg").src = (profile.cover_image);
      catch (err) {
        document.getElementById("avat").src = "https://steemwiki.org/show_image.php?id=39";
        alert('Das war kein Steem-Name.\nVersuche es noch einmal\nohne @!');

      document.getElementById("anzeig").innerHTML = '';
      vm.$set(vm.userData, 'level', calcLevel(result[0].reputation))
      vm.$set(vm.userData, 'xp', calcXP(result[0].reputation))
      vm.$set(vm.userData, 'power', result[0].voting_power / 100)
      vm.$set(vm.userData, 'id', result[0].id)
      vm.$set (vm.userData,'base_url')

      let vp = result[0].voting_power / 100;
      let rep = calcLevel(result[0].reputation);
      let avi =  result[0].id;
      let urlblog = "https://steemit.com/@"+accountName;
      let urlstworld = "https://steemworld.org/@"+accountName;

      document.getElementById('gostworld').onclick = function() {
      var winURL = urlstworld;
      var winName = 'win1';
      var winSize = 'width=660,height=620,scrollbars=yes';
      var ref = window.open(winURL, winName, winSize);
      document.getElementById('stblog').onclick = function() {
      var winURL = urlblog;
      var winName = 'win2';
      var winSize = 'width=660,height=620,scrollbars=yes';
      var ref = window.open(winURL, winName, winSize);
      document.getElementById("anzeig").insertAdjacentHTML('beforeend',"<p>"+"Steem–ID: "+avi+"</p>"+"<p>"+"akt. Votepower: "+vp+"</p>"+"<p>"+"Reputation: "+rep+"</p><br />");
    } /*Ende von refreshAccountData .Then*/
  } /* Ende catchAccountData */
} /* Ende der ersten Klammer */

What's up, how and why?

The opener of this page was my first attempt to display data from the Blockchain-API inside the Tiki. It all worked out wonderfully, but unfortunately I did not come to further attempts. Since 2 months the administration of my SteemWiki keeps me busy. It simply never worked well and I am a worse administrator as well. But 40 years of IT speak to you through me. Use it! Use IT.

The Javascript

was still quite simple. You will get it on SteemWiki pretty soon. I strip the code down. PHP seems to be more complex to me. Up to here the requirements are right set, all hands on board:
  • SteemWiki is online at https://steemwiki.org
  • The Community on the Steem is very tensed for the "open doors day": https://steemit.com/created/deutsch
  • MyGithub is online at https://github.com/mreisbeck
  • Our Project is online at https://github.com/mreisbeck?tab=projects
  • Composer is registered, ready for libraries
  • The further outlines of the Project will be reported on the blog @steemwiki on Steem and on Github the SteemWiki project's repository.

Foreign Javascript is not allowed inside Tiki.org.

I know what foreign is, in this case.

A CDN-based structure might be totally controlled or potentially corrupt.

We have to face and respect security-matters, nobody can deny. But I know, how to manage this barrier. And the Tiki-Script-Squad knows as well. Working with approved libraries is the Tiki way.

Tiki is written in PHP. The Steem API reacts most comfortably to Javascript. There are also Steem PHP libraries on Github. What this means for an experienced Tiki developer I can't judge. This is good in any case, because there are also Steem-Nodes in SQL.

I am a Steem expert, Coin Miner, Author since 2016 on the Coin Mine Steem. I'm no developer and no administrator. I am just a developer of Blockchain usability, focused on the blockchain Steem. 40 years IT , 40 years of Software exploring makes me an expert and a vision makes me an architect of a Blockchain-Tiki.


For many years i had two customers out of the media branch. A newspaper and an editor's house. I was the layouter of their fontpage and webmaster for Joomla and Prestashop as well. I know the needs of newspapers and the others as well, am a software specialist since 1980. I explored Pagemaker without any manual, have been an AutoDesk CAD dealer, and was an IBM-certificated specialist for RISC machines (forgot the product name).

I am the architect

of the SteemWiki, and the SteemTiki. We need some different engines. A Tiki for Developers is differnt from a tiki of authors and bloggers. A Tiki for connecting the workflow of companies an their user groups is differnt too. The Steem is origin made as a blockchain for media. But media doesn't come to their blockchain, The Team builds a special equipped bridge from the user to the Steem, and much more. A Wiki of course. It's mandatory. Tiki and InterTiki will be a Killer-Application for the people of the Steem, the world of Quality-contentent – the media. A Tiki will work for the Steem developers only and one for authors as well. And I know how to do it. In my coin miner's world it is a question of the exchange rate. In the world of the Tiki-Way it is a question of hundreds of new Tikis, all over the world. Ask me how it works!

SteemWiki needs a lot of helping hands. What do we get back?

The coin is low on stock exchange, of course. Today on Mar. 05. 22:30 CET , STEEM is 0.40241USD. I show you, how to earn STEEM by working for SteemWiki. By the way you will learn how to monetarize content. SteemWiki investors will vote your Work-reports. Not from the very beginning, but they will come soon. With a progressing SW the STEEM will raise. The goal is to bring work to the Blockchain. As more Content there will be stored, as higher the stock exchange. We Miners call the effect: To The Moon.

Any engagement

in SteemWiki is a Win-Win. In a volunteers community it sounds not very well educated to talk about Coins and US-Dollar, maybe. But it is an excisting blockchain, three years old and bored, totally underchallenged. How should the rate go under such circumstances? Let's Rock'n Roll the good old Chain! As better the Tiki, as better the income of the Tiki-workers. Do you have Original Content, not published yet? Publish it on the blockchain first! Minutes before, seconds before, no matter but first on the Steem, then publish on your production line.

The Org can do the same for example with a new Manual-ducument. The Tiki community on Steem is voting for and this will result in Dollars. i can't help! SteemTiki-workers earn by job-reports. At least one paragraph of own words and the job-list, That's it. You will get your Steem-account by the SteemWiki. Call service under info@steemwiki.org. A community will vote for you – you earn STEEM. I tell you how it works on Steem, and tell you, how it has to work in all the new SteemTikis, The blockchain will have Tikis runing worldwide. Win–Win?

  • The blockchain is international.
  • Tiki is international
  • Media are international.
  • Content is international
  • The blockchain is monetarizing content by Coins, international
  • Frog's blog on the blockchain Steem. A coin-miner's workbench (in the case you have not found me in the Javascript header of this introduction). See my blog here: https://steemit.com/@afrog
  • SteemWiki's blog on the blockchain: https://steemit.com/@steemwiki

Thankful for reading
and always on the Tiki-Way
from now on

Where are your scripter-guys,

dear old Tiki Community? Do you have a scripers-squad on board? SteemWiki needs advice for the Tiki-API. Scripters give a comment hereby, please.

Marc is forcing me to tell him, what the best PHP-library is. Hold on a second, have a good journey Marc, I will ask the Steem in the meantime. The steem is answering very slow but . we going to our first public brainstorm about development. There are issues. But I don't go on to write to you about a Blockchain, as lomg the people are not reading me. It is better on Steem, . you know. The miners are answering, commenting and so on, Tiki-land seems to be Quietland….