Sylvie Greverend also known as sylvieg on sourceforge and IRC

I am a Tiki developer since 2003, a Tiki admin since 2005. As Tiki is 95% of my job since 2007, I can say I know pretty well the code. I work mainly for other Tiki consultants.
I am available for hire to assist you, to fix your problems, to tune your server, or to implement any missing feature.

I speak French and English. I moved from France to USA(Boston) in 1997.

My Tiki contribution

I am a coder. You can see my Tiki contribution here. I am also the main author of a developer tutorial Hello World. And I try to update the Tiki documentation as often I can. I am also very oftern on IRC ready to help the community.

Who I am?

I am a programmer and I like my job.
When I was in France, I was working on Computational linguistics: Information retrieval, automatic translations, dictionaries, directories...
Since I am in USA, I am designing Web sites and intranet sites
To know more about me

I also worked some years ago on a fork of Tiki. It gives me an idea about what can be done with a more object oriented programmation on Tiki.

My philosophy

Commit to Tiki and make generic. I saw too many dead projects where the person in charge did not care to commit back.

Contact me at sylvie AT