General Description

In Wiki pages and other contexts that support Wiki formatting (including articles, forums, and blogs), you can easily create bulleted, numbered, and definition lists. In numbered lists, Tiki numbers the items automatically. You can also create nested lists.

Quick reference

Bulleted list
Numbered list
;term:definition Definition list

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Key Function and sub-features

  • Enables users to create bulleted, numbered, and definition lists in Article, Blog, Forum, and Wiki pages
  • In numbered lists, items are automatically numbered
  • Bulleted lists are formatted (like this one) with neatly indented turnover lines
  • Numbered and bulleted lists can be nested
    • Here's a nested item
      • And here's another one
  • Definition lists show the defined term flush left, while the definition is neatly indented

Related Links

  • WikiListDoc See this page for a step-by-step guide to using and troubleshooting bulleted, numbered, and definition lists.
  • WikiListAdmin How to configure Wiki list settings (for administrators).
  • WikiListSettings All the list-related settings at a glance (for administrators).

Typical Uses

  • Bulleted lists: Use whenever you'd like to list items of equal importance.
  • Numbered lists: Use for instructions (step-by-step) or items of decreasing importance.
  • Definition lists: Use for glossaries of terms.

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