hello friends and fOe of the tiki community........
as u all know it, many seem to be lookin for this feature...and im here just to share what i had came across......

its not the best solution to having a wysiwyg editor for your wiki pages but it is worth having as long as you comprehend its limitations.

i have talked to real developers of the tiki community and wysiwyg feature(the real thing) is soon commin our way. so, as of now, it wont hurt to have this as a supplementary editor.

the down side to this editor is possible XSS, sea surf attacks. search google to know more about what it does. so, use this causiously and its better to allow html only to trusted editors rather public.

the files below is a working package of the FCKeditor.net. wiki links will display wiki pages and 2 edit buttons on top. edit-normal-editor and edit-wysiwyg-editor. while editing, u can change between editor. and the use of wiki-syntax is allowed. i made a small usage instruction replacing the 'wiki help' default link. allow-html is made sticky on both normal/wysiwyg and some function like upload-html and such has been taken off the template file for cross-compatibility.

the only problem now with this feature is that, if u ever edit a page using a normal editor, and later re-edit a page using the wysiwyg, your original wiki layout will be lost. such things are like paragraphs mashed together........as html takes away blank space.... :-(

this is an easy edit, but ill let the pro figure this out.

so the best way, as how i feel it should be, dont use the wysiwyg if u have edited something with the normal editor. u can use wiki-syntax on the wysiwyg so just move on....hehe and forget USING THE NORMAL EDITOR...

unless u wont be re-editing it back with the wysiwyg..then its all good.........u know what i mean!....

ok, move on to the end for the files....
unzip fckeditor package on ure root /public_html/tiki1.8/
the zip contains 1 folder = fckeditor latest stable package.
and 6 files = tiki-editpage.php/tiki-editpage.tpl(normal editor), tiki-editpage2.php/tiki-editpage2.tpl(wysiwyg-editor), tiki-showpage.tpl(just some menus) and tiki-edithelp2.tpl(the help button)

just copy the tpl's in ure template folder and the php's in ure tiki root. thats it.

this was tested on 1.8.5....didnt try on 1.9 but i think it should work well...
or better yet, just copy the code and change all the url paths. the 'preview' of wysiwyg editor is linking to tiki-editpage.php, to make it work, change the href to tiki-editpage2.php.......but then again, why would u need a preview??

this is the techie stuff for the DIY.....

i tried many times, changing this and that, goin back and forth to tinymce forums but had found no better clue to make it work at all......

the editor loads up just nice but all saved page become cut-off in the middle, so that should look like wiki page filling only half of 100% wide of $mid. i dont know why and i dont want to know cuz i have something else that works better... hehe :-)

the code that made it work,

1<.S.C.R.I.P.T src="/tiki/fckeditor/fckeditor.js" type=text/javascript></.S.C.R.I.P.T>
2<S.C.R.I.P.T type=text/javascript>
3  var oFCKeditor = new FCKeditor( 'editwiki' ) ;
4  oFCKeditor.BasePath = '/tiki/fckeditor/' ;
5  oFCKeditor.Height = 400
6  oFCKeditor.Config['SpellChecker'] = 'SpellerPages' ;
7  oFCKeditor.ReplaceTextarea();

(please strip the dots... from the word script of course)

1. append this just below the text-area of the wiki. and change the basepath to the ones on ure site. notice line 3 where editwiki is the name of the text area.

2. to change all instance of a text-area, just edit ure template files and append this same 9 line of code below that text-area and change the 'editwiki' name to the name of that box. as simple as 123 huh?...

3. and make sure u make allow-html sticky or default it to 'checked' and disable it.

4. open /YOUR-TIKI-SITE/fckeditor/editor/filemanager/browser/default/connectors/php/config.php
and edit $Config'UserFilesPath' = '/YOUR-TIKI-SITE/img/wiki_up/' ; (for the image browser to work)

for the normal editor, do the step3. if u forget to do this, ure settings will be gone each time u load or swap editor........

and just download fckeditor and unzip at ure tiki root. thats it folks!
whatever it is, if ud like this, do join tiki irc #tikiwiki at freenode. we need more ppl there az the channel is kinda dead.....peace

for those downloading this package:

1. please dont change the name 'fckeditor' as the folder name.

2. goto /YOUR-TIKI-SITE/fckeditor/editor/filemanager/browser/default/connectors/php/config.php
and edit $Config'UserFilesPath' = '/YOUR-TIKI-SITE/img/wiki_up/' ; (for the image browser to work)
3. u can configure fckeditor functionality and looks at /fckeditor/fckeditor.js

thats it...