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To send me a message

I can offer support and developpement on Tiki. I speak French and English and live in USA (Boston).

My main Tiki participation

  • first, a lot and lot of bug fixes. You can see my name very often
  • second, the French translation. It was my first job in tikiwiki. Strings of the 1.9 release are 99.99% translated (I don't say 100% as I suppose than some strings are still not identified to be translated)

I began with tiki in May 2003. I am admin since April 2004. I fixed, improved more than 20 tiki sites.
I begin to know everything in Tikiwiki (multililinguism, calendar, newsletter, tracker...). If you have question don't hesitate.

Who I am?

I am a programmer
When I was in France, I was working on Computational linguistics: Information retrieval, automatic translations, dictionaries, directories...
Since I am in USA (Boston) , I am designing Web sites and intranet sites
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