Over the years of the Tiki project, its developers have taken part in the evolution of code versioning systems (see Tiki version control history), first shifting from CVS (used from the beginning of the Tiki project in 2002) to Subversion (SVN) in 2008. Both of these client-server systems were hosted at SourceForge.net (https://sourceforge.net/projects/tikiwiki/).

As alternatives to SVN emerged and gained popularity, the Tiki community in 2015 began talking about its future revision control system roadmap, and decided to shift from SVN to the distributed system, Git, in stages, supporting both systems in parallel for several years, first with the Tiki Remote Instance Manager (TRIM) and later with Tiki Manager, to ease the transition for developers and users. Git support was initiated in 2018, when the Tiki project repository was established at GitLab (https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki). In recent years, virtually all code commits have been made via Git, with the SVN repository functioning as a mirror. The transition period has been useful, with both early adapters and late-comers being accommodated.

In January, 2023, SVN updates will be phased out. As mentioned, code developers are already using Git exclusively, but anyone using SVN for deployment will need to switch to Git for Tiki code updates, such as by using Tiki Manager.