This message concerns developers skilled with cvs mastery.

For some days we struggle, damian and me, to understand what happened
to cvs : new files added on HEAD are present in
release_eta_carinea_rc1 branch with no reason. Release 1.7.6 didn't
suffer such invasion, the problem looks like recent. The 'guilty'
files are from various committers, so it should not be a commit
problem but a repository-wide problem.

I lurked on #cvs with no answer, even asked to ross that I met on
saturday, nobody has a clue about it. In my explorations I found a
really good doc that explains many details. I duplicated it to
http://tikiwiki.org/cvsfaq.txt and printed it to read it from start to
end in next days during my transportations. It gives a lot of very
valuable informations but nothing brings light on the situation et
fiorst reading.

The cvs history command didn't help because we used only tag command
instead of rtag : that part we should change in the future, and we
need to use rtag for realease tags in more than a classic tag as we do
right now. I'll rewrite our cvs documentation on that point as soon as
back in paris (in less than 24 hours).

If any of you have an idea on why we have those alien files in branch,
or know a way we can investigate further, please shout now.

Cvs is the backbone of our development process and such mystery brings
doubt and suspicion that can become fear and pain. Damian already began
a huge cleaning operation on the 1.7 branch, so the problem can be fixed
manually for the sake of the 1.7.7 release, but I would really like to
know an explanaition about what happened to avoid it reproduces


If you can help us can you please join us on irc:i//irc.freenode.net/#tikiwiki or contact admin(AT)tikiwiki(dot)org