The 1.9 migration will bring many new possibilties for tikiwiki community. We now have multilingual (thanks sylvie !!), community scores and friendship linking, more edu-oriented tools from the work of George and Dennis, mutated trackers by mose, categ perms by teedog, jukebox by damian, and many others (as we are now 235 community members from which 104 already have committed on cvs).

The first 1.9 release candidate will follow in next hours, being known that it will be a work version to prepare the final 1.9 release. That preparation work will be possible because of the feature freeze that will be enforced during the process.

The feature freeze means that no new feature should be included unless exceptional case, so we can focus on perfecting existing ones. The preparation will take place on a new cvs branch named BRANCH-1-9, and the cvs HEAD then will be now known as furture version 1.10

So, now you can test 1.9 on, find bugs and/or fix them !

(The trackers on are not yet operational but that won't be long to be sorted out)