Dear Collaborators and collaborative communities,
your are invited to co-create an Open Space event on May 18-19-20 at Montreal, Quebec:

RecentChangesCamp ( Collaboration, creativity & self-managment )

You are reading this Invitation because someone wants to see you at RoCoCoCamp 2007 at Montréal. This Conference on Collaboration, Creativity and Self Management is the Montreal version of the Portland RecentChangesCamps. This BarCamp will be organised with the OpenSpace Technology, which mean a collectively set up agenda where every participants may speak: no more gap between speakers and public, you are welcome to create your own session. RoCoCoCamp will be a flexible style conference like a wiki page would be, which is of, by, and for folks who want to "build communities worth having" both online and off. This especially includes the OpenTechnology & OpenCulture movements. We invite you to join us in Open Space from Friday May 18th to Sunday May 20th, 2007, to talk and work on collaboratives, creativity and self-managament tools, practices and issues.

In February, 2006, nearly 150 people came from all across North America to Portland, Oregon, for the first-ever RecentChangesCamp. In three days, we self-organized more than 70 working sessions to address our most important questions about wiki technology and community action. This gathering happened again in Portland in February, 2007. For the Montreal Rocococamp, you'll meet people from all North America (US,Canada) but also France and Belgium. So be prepared for a bilingual multicultural event for May 2007.
We are coming together to make connections, write code, have fun, revise the CyberneticRoadmap, do as much good work as each and every one of us can … and then go home more connected, more energized and more capable of building great communities and the tools they depend on. Bring your friends and join a good party that's growing even better! It's an eclectic mix of geeks and non-geeks, working together to make the world a better place.

Who is Invited?
Project participants, wiki users, collaborative tools developers, communities builders, collaboration practitioners, digital artists, , student and researchers working on these projects (...) are welcome in this Open Space – the more variety, the better! If you feel like having something to talk or learn about collaboration, creativity and self-organizing, you should be one of us.

The Agenda – It Comes From You
The SAT (Societé des Arts Technologiques) will be our work place, the city, our spread place for the last day. The agenda for our conversations will be created by your initiative Friday 18th in the morning. We'll provide the group the necessary material to collectively organize the agenda. You will also be asked to take responsibility for reporting your ideas and proposals on the wiki of the event. Your engagement will be essential to our success. Saturday 19th will end by a closing party for the openspace, but sum'up session will go on Sunday 20th, while others might spread in the city for collaborative, creative and self-managed activities.

By the end of this meeting we want to have:

  • A better map of the each others projects and involvements
  • Broad understanding of what is going on into collaborative tools development (wikis and other collaborative text editing tools) and other community collaboration support platform (such as CMS, wifi network, community portals...)
  • Techniques for individuals and groups wanting to inject more collaborative practices into their work.
  • Share of experiment, practices and questions about self management issues.
  • Recommendations for actions by individuals and organizations interested in collaborative practices and tools
  • Sharing of creative experiments
  • Seeding of common projects
  • Plans for future collaborations

For more informations, please look at the wiki of the event, get on the participant list, look at the To Do're welcome to get involved.

It's free, thanks to our Sponsors
Please, to know how many of us will be there, sign up in Participants.
To follow the discussion about the event, get on the Mailing List