• Tracker is buggy (blog post) (Relevance: 47.12) in No title specified External

    Tracker is buggy 2006-04-26T07:55:50+00:00 I edited the Planetfall entry in the Themes tracker,...and when I clicked "Save and view", the page refreshed showing no items in the tracker...Trackers seem to work fairly reliably elsewhere so I'll try again maybe when files are updated.

    Last modification: Wednesday 26 April 2006 07:55:50 GMT-0000
  • Tracker to Tracker association (wiki page) (Relevance: 40.41) External

    Tracker to Tracker association 2011-02-02T13:44:35+00:00 !...Tracker to Tracker Association Two slightly different 'use cases' have been identified: *Master List...: where a common set of fields are stored in an associated tracker for multiple other trackers which...detailed data for individual areas *Index List: where a subset of fields are 'logged' in an associated tracker...for multiple other trackers which store detailed data for individual areas Table of contents:

    Last modification: Wednesday 02 February 2011 14:05:49 GMT-0000
  • Trackers (forum post) (Relevance: 39.83) in Features / Usability

    Trackers 2004-10-24T18:16:51+00:00 Is it possible to get off that filter section of tracker view?...I have tracker that users can fill in to get our teams busticket, so its annoying to user to get that

    Last modification: Tuesday 26 October 2004 19:16:07 GMT-0000
  • Trackers (wiki page) (Relevance: 39.76) External

    Status/RoadMap Tiki trackers are an amazingly powerful feature. It is a bug tracker on steroids!...Please see: Trackers Examples Also see: Tracker Query Also see: Tracker Ajax Services !...Community members interested in Trackers/Tracker dev. !...Related * Trackers DB schema * TrackerField UI Revamp * Tracker Tabular !...Alias Tracker Form Forms Form Generator Forms Generator User Tracker User Trackers CRUD

    Last modification: Sunday 23 September 2018 12:57:54 GMT-0000
  • Trackers????? (forum post) (Relevance: 39.74) in Features / Usability

    Trackers?????...2004-08-03T07:11:51+00:00 I did'nt get the real picture what a tracker is and how is it useful Tracker...You can imagine doing forum into a tracker and even use a forum as a tracker (wouao a big mess on it...Tracker gives you the capabality to create field item with there own properties (text field, text aera

    Last modification: Tuesday 03 August 2004 09:14:57 GMT-0000
  • Tracker (wiki page) (Relevance: 39.71)

    Tracker Keep a record of a collection of items. !Page Moved see: Trackers

    Last modification: Thursday 05 October 2006 20:23:03 GMT-0000
  • Trackers (forum post) (Relevance: 39.58) in Features / Usability

    Trackers 2003-09-12T14:56:02+00:00 Two questions about trackers....Also, any way to auto-hide closed trackers, rather than having to filter them out or delete them?...Just a comment, it would be really helpful to be able to sort by tracker column headers, rather than

    Last modification: Friday 12 September 2003 14:56:02 GMT-0000
  • tracker (forum post) (Relevance: 39.52) in Features / Usability

    tracker 2004-12-20T16:10:49+00:00 Hello....Do you think I could use a tracker as a standard plan for certain ripetitive tasks I mean: define the

    Last modification: Monday 20 December 2004 16:10:49 GMT-0000
  • Trackers (wiki page) (Relevance: 39.29)

    Trackers Using Trackers, you can create forms for collecting data and make reports from that data....Trackers can combine structured information collected from users....The Trackers feature is a powerful, flexible tool....Each tracker has its own mini database....What can Trackers be used for?

    Last modification: Wednesday 03 February 2021 16:17:48 GMT-0000
  • Trackers (comment) (Relevance: 39.08) in DaDaBIK

    Trackers 2004-02-15T23:59:42+00:00 Hi!...This looks a lot like our new Trackers can do in 1.9 with there WIKI forms! Check them out!

    Last modification: Sunday 15 February 2004 23:59:42 GMT-0000
  • Trackers. (forum post) (Relevance: 39.08) in Features / Usability

    Trackers. 2006-12-03T21:38:35+00:00 Hi, is it possible to add external or internal links into...a Tracker?

    Last modification: Sunday 03 December 2006 22:55:15 GMT-0000
  • Test_tracker_5 (wiki page) (Relevance: 38.89) External

    Test_tracker_5 2015-10-19T12:42:23+00:00

    Last modification: Monday 19 October 2015 12:42:23 GMT-0000
  • Tracker contained as a field in a tracker (forum post) (Relevance: 38.85) in Features / Usability

    Tracker contained as a field in a tracker 2005-02-28T19:55:33+00:00 Is it possible to create a tracker...field that contains another tracker as a field?...For example, I am thinking of a bug reporting/support tracker....This tracker collects things like Action Type, Time Spent, and Comments....This seems like it would make the tracker system pretty powerful. Any comments/suggestions?

    Last modification: Monday 28 February 2005 19:55:33 GMT-0000
  • Page Tracker / pretty-tracker (forum post) (Relevance: 38.06) in Features / Usability

    Page Tracker / pretty-tracker 2008-10-06T01:32:44+00:00 Is there somewhere I can find more information...on the Page Tracker / pretty-tracker functionality?...page for each new tracker item....While the tracker and wiki page creation work, the tracker field references in the newly created wiki...Thank you, I posted a detailed tutorial on how to create a page selector / pretty tracker: Page Tracker

    Last modification: Wednesday 03 June 2009 18:22:45 GMT-0000
  • number of tracker items shown by default: customizable in a tracker by tracker basis (trackeritem) (Relevance: 37.91) in MiniQuizExample External

    number of tracker items shown by default: customizable in a tracker by tracker basis xavi Xavier de...Pedro xavi Xavier de Pedro number of tracker items shown by default: customizable in a tracker by...tracker basis....changed my mind, since trackers are more efficient than before 6 8 number of tracker items shown...by default: customizable in a tracker by tracker basis 2010-01-14T10:32:50+00:00

    Last modification: Friday 15 April 2011 19:04:05 GMT-0000
  • Testing upload of file to tracker (trackeritem) (Relevance: 37.46) in No title specified External

    Testing upload of file to tracker chibaguy Testing upload of file to tracker 2015-04-20T09:02

    Last modification: Monday 20 April 2015 09:02:48 GMT-0000
  • List a field of a tracker in another tracker (forum post) (Relevance: 37.24) in Features / Usability

    List a field of a tracker in another tracker 2007-02-27T08:46:21+00:00 Hi, I'm having 2 trackers:...tracker id 5: students * field 25: Grade name -> drop down with fixed values * field 23: Class...by id=6 in the place of field 23 in tracker by id=5....I tried to link these 2 trackers using Grade name, but it doesn't got me that....I can do the work if only can list one tracker's field in another tracker field as a drop down.

    Last modification: Tuesday 27 February 2007 08:46:21 GMT-0000
  • Tracker Templates? (forum post) (Relevance: 37.04) in Features / Usability

    Tracker Templates?...2003-09-24T03:32:11+00:00 I will be creating the same tracker fields for each category of tracker....Is there a way to create a tracker template that can be easily applied each time a new category is created...I haven't used trackers very much myself but I think the answer to your question would be no.

    Last modification: Thursday 25 September 2003 22:16:04 GMT-0000
  • Tracker Permission (forum post) (Relevance: 36.93) in Features / Usability

    Tracker Permission 2007-09-27T16:45:32+00:00 I would like to add a new permission for Trackers called..."Delete Tracker Items" that would allow others besides the admin to be able to delete tracker items,...To the best of my knowledge, the permission to delete tracker items is contained within the "Admin Trackers

    Last modification: Thursday 27 September 2007 16:45:32 GMT-0000
  • Tracker search (forum post) (Relevance: 36.83) in Features / Usability

    Tracker search 2012-09-12T18:49:51+00:00 Hi, I have recently upgraded to tiki-9.1 under Ubuntu....I am being able to "search" trackers created previously (tiki-6.7) with the search bar tool, e.g. we...I get the result pointing to the tracker....However, trackers created with tiki-9.1 do not look to behave like this, I wonder if it is something...I need to modify for the tracker or for the new Lucene search machine.

    Last modification: Wednesday 12 September 2012 18:49:51 GMT-0000
  • Trackers Examples (wiki page) (Relevance: 36.79) External

    Trackers Examples What do you do with trackers?...2008-01-30T22:10:44+00:00 Trackers are powerful to make custom databases....possible to import & export the "definitions of the table" Done: *DevTrackerStructure (Open bug tracker...) To be made: *Closed issue tracker (customer X can't see tickets of customer Y) *Contact us form

    Last modification: Thursday 31 January 2008 15:50:35 GMT-0000
  • Trackers & permissions (forum post) (Relevance: 36.72) in Features / Usability

    ; tiki_p_view_trackers; tiki_p_tracker_vote_ratings; tiki_p_tracker_view_ratings; tiki_p_list_trackers...; tiki_p_tracker_view_comments; tiki_p_comment_tracker_items....The particular tracker has the following perms assigned to group 'Edit Tracker':- tiki_p_create_tracker_items...; tiki_p_list_trackers; tiki_p_modify_tracker_items; tiki_p_view_trackers....Tracker'.

    Last modification: Wednesday 29 July 2009 11:25:24 GMT-0000
  • Tracker updates (forum post) (Relevance: 36.67) in Features / Usability

    Tracker updates 2007-03-21T17:07:56+00:00 I'm currently running 1.9.7 and am having a variety of problems...using trackers and tracker plugins....I'd like to take advantage of some of the recent work in trackers post 1.9.7 release to see if those...> I'm currently running 1.9.7 and am having a variety of problems using trackers and tracker plugins...I'd like to take advantage of some of the recent work in trackers post 1.9.7 release to see if those

    Last modification: Thursday 22 March 2007 14:10:33 GMT-0000
  • Trackers on Mobile (forum post) (Relevance: 36.59) in Features / Usability

    feedback from the guest using trackers....=> Then how to access the tracker without login from inside the restaurant, but not access the tracker...=> Then sort out to send the tracker to the website, maybe with the remote tracker sync functionality...Setup of the specific tracker / wikipage: Set the tracker istelf to be accessed by admins only and...create wikipage with tracker plugin as form.

    Last modification: Tuesday 28 July 2015 18:27:13 GMT-0000
  • Clear Tracker (forum post) (Relevance: 36.58) in Features / Usability

    Clear Tracker 2013-07-29T16:06:15+00:00 Hi guys, i'm newby here, so sorry for stupid question....Is it possible to use URL to directly clear tracker (for example, like using URL for export tracker:...tiki-export_tracker.php?

    Last modification: Monday 29 July 2013 16:06:15 GMT-0000

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