tiki_casp, Wednesday 31 December 2003, 19:28:33 GMT-0000
hi tozma-- i do have PHP and MySQL on my winbox as part of my apache installation
tomza, Wednesday 31 December 2003, 19:25:32 GMT-0000
Hi Tiki_casp - do you have PHP & MySQL installed on your Win$ box ?
tiki_casp, Wednesday 31 December 2003, 19:06:14 GMT-0000
that should be apache not apace
tiki_casp, Wednesday 31 December 2003, 19:05:42 GMT-0000
hey folks, i'm a newbie, if i have apace installed on my winbox how how do i go about installing tikiwiki
pmorry, Wednesday 31 December 2003, 12:46:14 GMT-0000
Bluemacon : [Link]
bluemacon, Wednesday 31 December 2003, 12:19:49 GMT-0000
bluemacon, Wednesday 31 December 2003, 12:18:34 GMT-0000
hi all--this seems silly enough: where can i change my own user profile/info? i have the wrong email listed...
Chealer9, Wednesday 31 December 2003, 11:36:54 GMT-0000
dscassa : true, it's implied in ShoutboxDev's RFEs
dscassa, Wednesday 31 December 2003, 06:59:36 GMT-0000
Now, where can I find data on common IE css issues? (BTW - Wiki Words don't work in the shoutbox... Feature request??)
dscassa, Wednesday 31 December 2003, 06:57:54 GMT-0000
Damian - I've whacked the groups you mentioned and started fresh by 'snipping' the relevant statements from the provided .sql script. Worked great. Thanks!
sbindon, Wednesday 31 December 2003, 03:35:34 GMT-0000
how do you get that bar with all the shortcuts on it just below the top bar? is it a theme thing?
bluemacon, Tuesday 30 December 2003, 15:27:37 GMT-0000
Thanks george.
Damian, Tuesday 30 December 2003, 11:21:54 GMT-0000
pmorry: afaik you would need to code a patch to inherite those permissions as I dont think there is any current way of doing inheritance
Damian, Tuesday 30 December 2003, 11:20:11 GMT-0000
dscassa: try emptying the user_ group permissions and user_ object permissions tables in the Mysql. Backup first ;)
pmorry, Tuesday 30 December 2003, 10:57:15 GMT-0000
Where can I find help on administration of pages in tikiwiki ? I would like to know if it Would be possible to make new pages inherit permissions from their parent page ?
dscassa, Tuesday 30 December 2003, 08:02:23 GMT-0000
How can I simply 'reset' the default permissions configuration without reloading the entire TikiWiki original .sql?
george.geller, Tuesday 30 December 2003, 00:59:26 GMT-0000
bluemacon: See UserPagegeorge.geller, near the bottom.
bluemacon, Monday 29 December 2003, 16:33:18 GMT-0000
what's the trick (file mod) for handling very large file uploads? im getting various errors...
Chealer9, Monday 29 December 2003, 08:35:59 GMT-0000
ardlina you could get an idea at TikiReleasesDoc...it just works :?
ardlina, Monday 29 December 2003, 04:03:14 GMT-0000
Does anybody know how to solve the following problem ? || ((ToTo|toto)) || the | is considered as an array separation instead of page name overload.
george.geller, Monday 29 December 2003, 03:11:47 GMT-0000
tikidblib.php is broken in the current cvs head. It has a bunch of typos related to today's merge.
Chealer9, Monday 29 December 2003, 03:02:08 GMT-0000
The tw.o forums are working again! :-) Thank redflo!
Damian, Sunday 28 December 2003, 22:04:06 GMT-0000
george.geller, Sunday 28 December 2003, 17:51:49 GMT-0000
tiki-install.php fails on cvs HEAD. See UserPagegeorge.geller
skelly, Sunday 28 December 2003, 17:35:31 GMT-0000
Why do the calendar fonts appear so small and virutually unreadable in IE 6+ ?

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