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Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

  • A software to make all kinds of websites
  • Free/Open Source
  • Community-managed

The general idea

  • Like Wikipedia, but for code instead of content
  • The general direction of computing -> everything is going to the browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Explorer, Opera, and mobile browsers) -> The client.
  • The Server is a collection of software installed on a server and designed to generate HTML/JavaScript for these browsers.
  • Tiki is the Free/Open Source Web Application with the most built-in features. It runs on top of other software (Linux, MySQL, PHP that the user doesn't see)

Use cases/features

  • Collaboration: Wiki, Forums, Tasks, File management, Permissions,
  • Publishing: News articles, Blog, RSS, Newsletter, Maps, Themes, Banners, etc.
  • Commerce: Shopping Cart, Payment, Membership, Accounting, etc.
  • Social networking: Friends, Inter-user messages, Surveys, Chat, Share link, Comments,
  • CRM: User database, Bug & issue trackers, FAQs, polls, etc.
  • Office productivity tools: Calendar, Spreadsheet, Drawings, Webmail, Time Sheet, Reports, etc.
  • E-learning: Quizzes, Slideshow, BigBlueButton webinar integration, etc.

Specs & stats

  • Tech: PHP / MySQL / Zend Framework / Smarty / jQuery
  • License: LGPL
  • 1M Line of Code
  • 250 code committers
  • 40 translations
  • 9.5 years old

How much is it "worth"?

  • $20 million according to the Basic COCOMO model

  • Yet, the Tiki Software Community Association (TSCA) has no employees
  • Tiki doesn't depend on any funding from any company, foundation, government or anyone. It thrives thanks to the community.



  • Stakeholders collaborate
    • Consultancies
    • IT departments
    • Volunteers
  • Commercial eco-system based on services, not code.
    • No free/community code vs proprietary code situation
  • Half the code is including code from other projects: "Standing on the shoulders of giants"

The Tiki Model ("Software made the wiki way")

  • Wiki community
    • Do-ocracy
  • Wiki way participation to the code
  • Scheduled releases
  • All-in-one codebase
    • Inherent synchronized releases
  • Lots of features, but no duplication
  • Dogfood


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