Tiki wins People's Choice: Best Free CMS

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The results are in, and Tiki has won the Best Free CMS People's Choice award in the CMS Critic's awards! A special "Thank You" goes out to all members of the Tiki Community that voted!

For complete information on the awards, including the Critic’s Choice Award, see

Tiki 6.8 LTS and 9.2 LTS are now Available

Author: Rick - Published
Tiki 9.2
Tiki 6.8LTS & 9.2LTS
The Tiki Software Community Association is proud to announce the immediate availability of the latest releases of the Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Long Term Support (LTS) versions: Tiki 6.8 LTS and 9.2 LTS.

The 9.2 update includes more than 500 code changes, focusing on fixes and improvements such as:

  • Introduction of the Tiki Server Check, allowing users to test their server environment.
  • Automatic generation of site maps
  • Customized formatting for menu labels through wiki syntax and plugins
  • Improvements to the user registration process
  • Security fixes

Next Tiki Webinar to be held on October 18

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On October 18, the Tiki Community will present its next community webinar. This month's webinar features an interview with long-time Tiki contributor Mose. His early work with Tiki provided the groundwork for the application we use today!

Following the interview, a developer-led discussion will explore several new features planned for upcoming Tiki releases. This is your chance for a sneak-preview of what's coming in Tiki 10! For complete details on the webinar, see http://tiki.org/October+2012+Webinar.

Vote for Tiki: Best Free CMS

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Tiki Nominated as Best Free CMS

Thanks to your nominations, Tik Wiki CMS Groupware has been nominated as Best Free CMS in the 2012 Critic’s Choice CMS Awards! The voting continues through November 11, so be sure to show your support by voting for Tiki.

A Decade of Tiki!

Author: Rick - Published

It may be hard to believe, but the Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware project was started a decade ago with its first public release on October 9, 2002! From its humble beginnings as a mere wiki, Tiki has grown to become the Free / Libre / Open Source Web Application with the most built-in features. And as the application has grown, so has the community.

Chart showing all Tiki releases
Tiki releases: 0.9 through 10.0 (click to view)

Today, there are more than 20,000 registered accounts on the Tiki websites, more than 500 contributors with commit access to the Tiki codebase, and well over 1,000,000 downloads of Tiki!

Happy Birthday to the entire Tiki Community!

New Tiki Trademarks

Author: Rick - Published

The Tiki Software Community Association is proud to announce that it has been granted a registered trademark for Tiki and TikiWiki by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This achievement represents a culmination of work by the Tiki Community, the Tiki Legal Team, and the student attorneys at the WVU Entrepreneurship Clinic of the West Virginia University College of Law.

Trademarks prevent confusion in the marketplace of similar goods/services. By registering our trademark, users know that Tiki software is a quality product, produced by the Tiki Community — users will know what to expect.

In the coming months, you'll notice a slight change in our branding as we update our logos and websites.

Tiki (R) logo
Now a registered trademark!

Show Your Support for Tiki!

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The Tiki Community needs your help! The Critic’s Choice CMS Awards (sponsored by CMS Critic) is now accepting nominations for its Critic’s Choice and the People’s Choice CMS Awards. Nominations are open through October 15, 2012, actual voting takes place from October 16 - Nov 16, 2012.

Please consider nominating Tiki in any (or all) of the following categories:

  • Best Open Source CMS
  • Best Free CMS
  • Best CMS for Small / Medium Sized Businesses:
  • Best Enterprise CMS
  • Best Website Builder

To read more about the awards and to nominate Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, visit http://www.cmscritic.com/introducing-the-critics-choice-cms-awards/.

Tiki 8.5 and 9.1 Released

Author: Rick - Published
Tiki 9.0
The Tiki Software Community Association is proud to announce the immediate availability of the latest versions of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware: 8.5 and 9.1.

The Tiki 8.5 release represents the final release for the 8.x series. No additional work is planned for the 8.x series. The Tiki 9.x series is planned to be supported (as a Long Term Support) series until November 2015 (or upon the release of Tiki 16).

Both releases (8.5 and 9.1) include several fixes and updates, including a security patch first reported by Lukas Reschke regarding an optional Tiki feature, swfupload, first introduced in Tiki 7.0.

Tiki admins are highly encouraged to upgrade to Tiki 8.5 or 9.1. As a workaround, Tiki admins can set the Upload progress bar option to None in order to secure their sites. See the Tiki Release Notes (http://tiki.org/ReleaseNotes) for complete information.

To download these newest releases (or any Tiki release), visit the Tiki download page at http://tiki.org/download.

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