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How to get a "Wanted Pages" list

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As replying to the other thread seemed to kill the thread I'll try here...

To get a 'wanted pages' list like this: Wanted Pages

You could download the wantedpages.php plugin from here

Just copy to the tikiwiki/lib/wiki-plugins/ dir to install.

Use with:

You can also specify a list of pages to ignore as a parameter. For example:

{WANTEDPAGES(ignore=>A Page Which Does Not Exist)}{WANTEDPAGES}

Separate multiple pages to ignore with comas.

I hope that helps.


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imho, It would be better as a feature on the wiki menu.

especially for terms of security and integrity.


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Yes I agree. I just wanted the feature for my website and I find hacking together a Wiki plugin quick and easy.

...maybe some kind person will convert this quick hack to some real programming. :-)


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This is a really useful plugin!
Please leave a message somewhere if there are any updates on it.
Damian, on your mods site???