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Switching languages

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Hi people. How can I allow the admin and editors to switch languages? It only works for anonymous users (i.e. not logged in). The permission manager isn't much help. It's confusing at best.


According to this my admin shouldn't be able to do almost anything.

What the... devil?

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This page on doc.tikiwiki.org should help

otherwise tell me , i will upgrade the doc

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Admin->Login, available languages Romanian and English (I deleted the others), registered users can change language, multilingual is on, detect browser language is off. Anonymous (users not logged on) can switch languages meaning "poll" becomes "sondaj" but registered users (editors and admins) can not. Although PHPMyAdmin

in table users_permissions

groupName permName value
Editors tiki_p_edit_languages

so I would expect the Editors group to be able to switch the interface language.

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Do you try to change the language from MyTiki/preferences/language
(the admin/feature/user preferences screen must be checked also)
or by the module switch_language?

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Using the switch_lang module (the one with the dropdown). But I just tried RC3 on my PC and switching languages with the switch_lang module works fine for anonymous, admin and editors. I think I messed something up and caused it to stop working, I just have to figure out what.
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just an idea, when you are logged in:
is tiki-switch_lang.php?language=en working?

It will check the feature userPreference and the change language box and that there is no pb in the database

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The default language is Romanian, and


works only when I'm not logged on. Whenever I am, it doesn't do anything (I tried with admin and a member of the Editors group).

I think it's a permission problem.

I could reinstall, (the site is still in testing), but that would be a waste of time which I'd like to avoid.

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In tiki-switch_lang.php, there is only 2 features before uspdating the database
check again
1) admin panel/features/ user preferences screen checked
2) admin panel/login / Reg users can change language checked

Do you have access to phpMyAdmin?
check in tiki_preferences


posts: 96 Romania

This one hit home, like they say. biggrin

Well on tiki-admin.php?page=features
"User preferences screen" was unchecked. Switching languages for authenticated users seems to work now. I thought
"Reg users can change language" on the login settings page would be enough for that. Thanks a million.

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