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Edit color in Geo style

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Hi, I chose Geo style, which I like very much, but it makes the text the same color as background in Edit mode. Obviously I cannot request my guest to guess what they are writing.

What could be done to solve that problem?

And THANKS so much for your help!

After having received help from several people, but especially from Damian, I must apologize for all this fuss.

The font color is ok on all the other computers I checked, including several with Windows/IE. Geo.css is a good skin. Great work.

The font color doesn't appear on my home desktop only, and on all browsers (IE, Mozilla, Opera). It is a Compaq Presario, Compaq MV940 screen, and the graphic card is a 3D Prophet 4000XT 32M TV Out.

Sorry again. Great to have such a reactive community.

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edit mode? wiki page edit? or something else
Which browser?

I suppose you can redefine the textarea color in styles/geo.css textarea{color:black;}

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tweaking it now for you. What version of Tiki do you use, I'll make the commit to 1.8 branch


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Damian said, yes he said it:

"tweaking it now for you. What version of Tiki do you use, I'll make the commit to 1.8 branch"

No big deal if it is not ready, I'll use moreneat. It's just that I had planned to show my tiki proposal tomorrow to my users. And I had dreamed it all on Geo. It's the tomorrow deadline that makes me post so much.

Also, I think Geo is a real aesthetic success. I am certain that it is worthwile perfecting it. It is clearly an asset for the promotion of tiki.

It would be better to join a perfect geo in the default package than some more... surprising layouts. It is very important not to add faulty css in an otherwise excellent package. Just think: visitors to your site can chose geo, and discover they don't see what they write anymore. They think the cms doesn't work.

And no, I don't prefer the Damasoft templates either, I stand for minimal interfaces, with few graphics, and different shades of the same color.

At the present I only see moreneat and geo as pretty.

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Sorry I took the risk of using version 1.9

I will post a longer message later about an important project I am planning to do with 1.9 . I'll write it as a blog probably. Might interest you.

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"edit mode? wiki page edit? or something else
Which browser?

Everything where you write. Even writing this reply right now on your site.

I know Mozilla is better and all that, I myself campaign for Mozilla. But as far as my users are concerned, only IE exists. BTW, the mistake appears in all browsers.

Thanks for so quick replies and reactions.

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In 1.8.4 geo and geo-light styles woirk fine. In 1.9(tw.o), it also shows up right for me when change theme style to geo or geo-light.

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"I suppose you can redefine the textarea color in styles/geo.css textarea{color:black;}"

Sorry, but that doesn't work. It should, but it doesn't. As far as I can see from the flickering cursor, the size is also wrong, too small.

I have to present tikiwiki next week to a European-size organisation.

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Well maybe if geo has all these problems, create your own theme, or use a different theme. You can buy some premium ones from http://tikihost.net
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I checked on 1.8 and the same problem occurs. In my opinion geo is the best skin. It is worth fixing it.

However I don't find the relevant ID or Class. Changing Textarea is not useful.

I wonder what the brazilians think about it. They've been using it since last year at least.