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asking for email

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When I registered my account it asked for my email but it didn't say how the email would be used or if it would be shown on the page. Since I didn't want the address picked up by spambots I gave a slighly altered address with "REMOVE" in the middle.

Only _after_ I pressed the button did it tell me that the email address would be used to confirm my new account. Of course the altered email I entered is not usable by a program (that's the whole point of altering it). That's why my login is "nuts". It's what I said when I saw what had happened. Well, actually it's a more polite version of what I said.

It would be really helpful if the "create account" page would tell people how the email is going to be used.

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Silly you for trying to be clever twisted

All email addresses on tw.o are used for sending password reminders only. And confirmation is required to prevent spamming the site with a mass of robot generated users.


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Yes, now that's what they should have told me as I was filling out the account form. It doesn't do any good after I have already hit the OK button.