Re: Bug Submitting

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Well, I can tell you that it discouraged me from submitting bug reports. I submitted one that I was desperate to get fixed, but I've seen other bugs that I'm not going to report because it's just too much trouble.

If you are really interested in quality control, you have to encourage people to submit bug reports, not discourage them. And if you are really interested in quality you don't ignore bug reports just because they weren't reported in the right way.

In fact, my experience has made me regretfully decide not to use Tiki. I love all the features, but it's still buggy and you can't get anyone to repond when you have a problem.

I understand, of course. I'm a developer too, and I know that responding to user complaints isn't fun. Developing new features is fun.

You are volunteers, so by all means, do what you enjoy. But be aware that it is costing you some users.