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Re: HTML in a Wiki Page.

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at work=Polaris 1.8.4
at home=cvs stable


I agree with the sentiment of the need to have a limited HTML feature set for 'in the wild' deployments. But in the case of the Wiki inside of the corpLAN, the audience and access is restricted to those with LAN access.

This is always the duel between functionality and security. While I agree on the need to have a stricter context for the outside, I feel that there needs to be a corrolary that will allow for an expanded HTML feature set when needed (such as in my case). I am certain that this is not only true for me but for other Corp types who face similar deployments.

The only alternative I have now is to write some text parsing word macros that will convert word formatting to wiki syntax and then dump a file to be cut and paste into the wiki. I've started some of this coding in VBA but its slow going as I have a myriad of other things on the go as well... cry