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First, before continuing too much, I would like to know if there is anything similar or any one is working on anything similar to what I am proposing.

My requirement is that I need a facility for storing details of particular organisations. The details would include names, addresses, contact telephone numbers etc like an address book, but would also need to have other specific fields added for my particular site. The additional feilds might mark things like opening hours, or special qualifications of the staff. Or perhaps it would be a simple Yes/No field like "Primary contact email?"

My idea for the design is to build up a "form" dynamically (similar to the way the tracker module does) and so that the module would not have to be used for addresses but could be used for classifying and storing any sort of information.

I propose to use the category system to store data entries so that the search facility can either search specific fields of the stored data or by category.

I would appreciate if anyone can tell me if anything like this exists or whether I should go ahead and develop something myself. As I say, I have a particular requirement for this so I don't mind doing the development. I would appreciate any feedback, ideas or suggestions.

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I'm in need for something similar. I'm planing to develop a charity web site where all the charity organization's details would be placed together, for easy searches and browsing.

I could't find anything appropriate. Maybe we could join our forces and develop something together? I don't have any TikiWiki development experiences, but I guess I could manage it quickly.

Send me a message or email.


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That would be great. It seems on the face of it that our requirements are similar. My site will have a directory of medcial charities and some health organisations. I guess the way forward is to draw out a specification and requirements analysis. We can then think about how we can divide the coding. I will email you my preliminary ideas for a specification. Perhaps you can then read and comment as to your own ideas.

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has this module been developed already? Would love to include something like this on my website as well.

where can i find this module?