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Menu ->New wikipage?

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Hello, I'm rather new to TikiWiki. I really wonder if its possible to add a new menu-item to the wiki-menu for simply adding/creating a new page for the wiki.


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new page <---- s.th. likte that
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Orphan pages


Thanks, because I think I can't figure it out by myself.

best wishes

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Wellcome, Kahuna:

You can

  • create a blank new page, with name "AddNewPage" (for instance), and add the content:
    • This will add the module "quick edit" in to the page, which tends to solve what you are looking for.
  • add a link to this new page (AddNewPage) inside the application menu (or any other you like), through "Admin>Menu>Application Menu" (n. 42).
    • Click on its tools/options icon, and add a new item with the link to your new page AddNewPage wherever you want (position 203, for what you saig in your example).
    • You may need to add "feature_wiki" in sections, and "tiki_p_view" in permissions.

However, yopu can add just the module "quick edit" to your preferred column, to allow everybody add or edit a wiki page directly from there, as it works here at tw.o.

Hope it works for you.

Cheers, Xavi

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Thank you Xavi for your welcome and the kind answer! smile

Yes, that's I was looking for.

A new module with quick_edit worked out easily.
However the new menu link doesn't function the way it should.
Inside Admin>Menu>Application the new link shows up correctly
but not in the mainframe of the page ...
Hmm - anything more to recognize? (Hope it's not a lanuage problem?
my site is german)

Best wishes