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Database consistency and odd behavior

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Hi Everyone,

I've got two questions I'd appreciate some guidance on.

1. what is the best way to check my wiki's database consistency. That is to say; "How do I know I have all of the necessary tables and fields?"

I sort of did this today by taking the tiki_mysql.sql and then doing a schema dump from my current running DB and doing a compare with ultraedit between the two. Does the tiki_mysql.sql represent the most complete schema? Is the method I am using to check right?

2. This was prompted after my recent cvs update today. Now when I create a new page or update a page sometimes after posting the changes instead of going to the new version of the page I just get a blank page. If I go 'back' I see all of the edit. Then I can cancel edit and the last set of changes are there. So the post action does write the data to the form but then it does not go through with the re-direct after the posting. This behavior is also occuring when editing structures but is inconsistent and sometimes does not occur.

Any help or thoughts appreciated.