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Dynamic Content Help

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I want to use Dynamic Content to display information, I have already set-up one panel group to display the javascript below:

However when I try to add a new prgram with a different javascript or the one above the results are always blank. I can add Text or HTML code but no javascript.

Anyone able to offer any advise?

Using Tikiwiki: 1.8.4



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> Anyone able to offer any advise?

Sorry. JS is stripped, for security reason, from all Tiki edit boxes.

I think it will work if you use phpmyadmin and you go and add the code directly in the tiki_programmed_content table

This is not cool, I know. It would be better if admins could add JS in modules and the dynamic content system. There is a feature request out on this one:

There is a JS plugin but I don't know if this would work for you...

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