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Community and *.tiki.org site organization

Re:Re:Re:No "Support" on tw.o?

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> jbutler:
> I think we may be talking about the same thing, mose, but giving it different names.
> By a "support" section, I don't mean to suggest that users should expect professional-quality, on-demand support. No user should come to tw.o and demand an answer to a support question — as if the Tiki community owed him/her something.

- people do that. They jump in and require support. They don't say hello, they just ask for an help and sometimes in caps. They send me private message requiring I handle their case because they don't know much coding and their problem is bigger than everything else. That's why using a confusing word like "support" is dangerous imho.

> Instead, support should be a collaborative thing — with users helping each other out and developers contributing as they have time. I'd suggest that tw.o could be a very valuable tool to help build a support community such as that.

- That is not support, I call it solidarity, friendliness and mutual help. It's not a one-way thing.

> Further, if you look at the Websites for competing open-source projects such as PostNuke or phpBB, you'll find support communities are encouraged and prominently displayed.

- they just are conformist to what is visible in the business world. Support has been the reason of split in *nukes because some people wanted to sell it afterwise. Now check support in http://support.postnuke.com and well, it's not there that flows pass, I guess ;)

> Do most people view tw.o as solely a "collaborative website for developers"? This worries me as I've spent a bit of time contributing to the TikiWiki project by writing documentation on tw.o. I wrote it assuming that it'd be used by admins and end-users, but not really by developers.

- well, tw.o is run by developers that share their time and skills together for the benefit of the community. But there is no usage boundary. Rights are open, there is no strong rules nor punishment for misbehaviour. Actually the term developper, like that "support" word, lead to misunderstanding. Half the tiki developpers are skilled people of any sort and don't do much coding. Contributor is more appropriated.

tw.o is dedicated to the tikiwiki community that is composed by contributors of any sort. But we can't claim it's aimed at end-users, specifically. It's aimed at end-user-actor that don't come here only as a user claiming support and help, but also interact with any valuable content, ideas or just a quote. Do you see what I mean ?

> Please let me know if my efforts have been misguided.

- they have not be :-)

Actually there is a duplication preparing in websites : we should have a website with sorted information, more official, because tw.o is too rich with miscellaneous different information it blurs the use we can have as a documentation.

Another site will be setup soon with a more organized content, dedicated essentially to documentation and a more synthetic presentation of tikiwiki. The development website will then can remain low in rules enforcement and rich in content, using the object sending feature to migrate final content from dev site to doc site.

I hope you'll continue doing that great job you do in that area, it will be much easier to perform there, I think. What do you think about it ?