problems with some links in non-english

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On my TIKI (1.9.0), when a users has a non-English language preferene, some of the links on the page do not work — they result in blank pages.

For example, when using English interface, the LOGOUT link works fine — users are logged off and the home page appears. However, when using French (or Spanish, etc.), using the LOGOUT link displays a blank screen. I checkec the logs and the user is being logged out properly, but the home page (tiki-index.php) doesn't appear.



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Rick, this reminds me of a bug report inserted to dev.tw.o, that Ithink it hasn't been addesed so far.
It also happens to me, using Catalan Firefox browser, when I'm not logged in to tw.o, and I visit de.tw.o, I see no homepage (siki page).
I guess it's something related to bestlanguage feature, that they haven't defined any page with your default lang (browser), and there is no page to show.
But that's only a guess...
I'd suggest to open a new bug report at dev.tw.o.

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How do I turn of the "Best Language" feature?

I'm using an English OS and English browser — simply changing the TIKI interface language in from my_titki.php.